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Led Examination Lamp

LED Examination Lamp

Mobile or Wall Mounted LED Examination Lamp

• Illumination Intensity(lx): - KS-Q6: 20,000lux @ 50cm, 40,000lux @ 30cm - KS-Q7: 35,000lux @ 50cm, 72,000lux @ 30cm • 94cm adjustable arm • Dimmer to control brightness • Light feed diameter: 9cm @ 50cm • Colour temperature: 5 500-6 000K • Colour rendering index (Ra): 80 • LED average life: > 50 000 hours
theatre light

LED Lights

We offer a range of LED lights including: • CSL4012 A-E: roof mounted examination lamp • Masterlight 30F LED: mobile examination lamp • MLL 4011: wall mounted examination lamp
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Surgical Operating Lamp

Mobile Single Reflector Shadowless Surgical Operating Lamp

• Specially designed for providing cool and high intensity light • Colour-correcting heat protection filter for ensuring low heat radiation in the field • High performance special halogen light source